Brandis, K. Children of the Forest. Book 2. Dangerous friendship / Katia Brandis [text], Claudia Karls [illustrations]; trans. from German M. Pukhlii; 2nd edition — Kyiv: Force Ukraine, 2022. — 304 p.

"Dangerous Friendship" is the second book in the "Children of the Forest" series. A cougar boy Karag, who studies at a special school for werewolf children, is once again faced with a difficult life choice. Between the animal power offered to him by the rich and cruel Andrew Milling, and humanity and kindness, Karag chooses the second one. However, he will have to fight for the opportunity to be with his friends and family. And heartbreaking and dangerous adventures will turn even those Children of the Forest, who were rivals before, into the best friends.


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